Chicago artist Rodney Duran works with hard lines and dramatic shading to portray dreamlike and surreal human-esque figures and to put music into visual form. He represents a spirit of imagination and the exploration of how we see ourselves and each other. The juxtaposition of his work, the carefree creativity and the penetrating visions create a perfect balance, a show that will satisfy.

After graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2004 with a Bachelors in Graphic Design Rodney has produced many works across the country. Rodney has worked with many different clients within the art industry such as business owners, home owners, property owners, musicians, and much more.  He specializes in murals and canvas work using many mediums such as spray paint, acrylic, oils, markers and many more wonderful techniques.  Rodney Duran is a growing artist that has a vision of his own to change the world using art and music. He is determined to be recognized by an audience that can see and understand his true imagination.



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